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Custom web development with a focus on efficiency, usability and security.

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Latest Technologies

Using cutting-edge technologies such as Next.js, React and Vue.js in combination with custom software, I strive to create products that are not only innovative but also powerful. Alternatively, by integrating proven platforms such as Shopify or WordPress, I can also help optimize the performance of existing software and thus ensure higher site performance.

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Best Practices

I offer web application development that follows industry best practices to create high-performance, user-friendly and future-proof websites. Accessibility is at the forefront of my work to ensure that every website is accessible and navigable for all users. With a focus on internationalization and responsive design, I guarantee that websites are globally responsive and optimally displayable on various devices. Integrating UI/UX design and a targeted SEO strategy also ensures an intuitive user experience and improves the website's online presence.

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When developing web applications, I focus on integrating diverse functionalities and features that are tailored to specific needs and goals. Whether it's a blog, contact form, portfolio or an online store, I'm here to create a customized website to suit your needs. My area of expertise particularly includes e-commerce systems, integrating seamless payment options through services such as Stripe (Payment Options). I also offer the implementation of email and newsletter functionalities through SendGrid to enable effective communication and customer loyalty. Feel free to contact me with your project ideas and I will make you an offer!

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API Integration

I offer the integration of various APIs to connect your website or web application with various data sources. No matter whether it is individually newly developed APIs or existing ones, I ensure a seamless implementation in your project. For more details on API integration, visit the Database and Infrastructure page.

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Analyse Tools

With your agreement, I will integrate carefully selected analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and others into your website or web application. These tools are essential for gaining detailed insights into user behavior and interactions on your site, which in turn enables targeted improvements and optimizations to be made. By incorporating these analytics tools, I can help you measure, monitor and strategically drive the success of your online presence, always in line with privacy policies and best practices. This not only promotes data-driven decision making, but also enables continuous improvement and adaptation to changing user needs and expectations. See Continuous Improvement

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Management & Maintenance

Of course, as a customer you receive full access to the entire source code of your project. Transparency and control are essential elements of my service and I ensure that you have full ownership and freedom of action over your website or application at all times. In addition, I would be happy to advise you when it comes to finding the right hosting provider and the [domain setup](/services/database-and- infrastructure#domains). If necessary, I will also be happy to take over the ongoing care and maintenance of your site to ensure that everything runs smoothly and functions optimally. My goal is to support you throughout the entire process and ensure that all technical aspects are handled professionally and according to your wishes.

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Please contact me and I will advise you free of charge and without obligation to find the best solution for you.