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Database & Infrastructure

Individual software in the backend area for your business requirements

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Cloud Integration

As an expert in backend development and cloud integration, I offer specialized services for developing custom software that is perfectly tailored to your business needs. By using leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, I enable a robust and scalable architecture for your software solutions. The integration of advanced technologies such as Firebase not only promotes the performance but also the adaptability of applications in the dynamic digital environment. Let's work together to create powerful, seamlessly integrated and customized backend solutions that drive the operational success of your company.

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For the development of individual software, I integrate database systems and work with technologies such as SQL, MongoDB and GraphQL to design everything according to your ideas. I ensure that your data is well protected by applying strict encryption methods to ensure the security of sensitive information and maintain the integrity of your business processes.

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API Integration

With specialized know-how in Node.js and Express, I develop scalable and high-performance Custom APIs and REST APIs that function smoothly and are tailored precisely to the customer's needs. It is also possible for me to seamlessly integrate existing APIs such as Weather, Sports, Discord, Telegram and others into your software solution to ensure maximum functionality and user comfort. This enables efficient and versatile use of your application to achieve optimal business results.

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I identify the ideal hosting partner that meets your project's specific needs and configure the server environment using proven technologies such as Ubuntu Linux to ensure robustness and reliability. When required, I implement cloud setups to optimize flexibility and scalability. Through these carefully coordinated measures, I ensure that your application is hosted in a secure, high-performance and reliable environment.

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I develop web scraping techniques to efficiently extract data from web providers such as Amazon, Wish, Alibaba and others. This uses Puppeteer, a highly developed toolchain that ensures the retrieval of precise and reliable data. I also implement automation functions that make recurring processes efficient and increase productivity. These methods ensure continuous data updates so your software can always work with the latest information.

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When designing your individual software, I also offer comprehensive support in the area of domain management. This includes the optional setup and configuration of the DNS to ensure reliable and efficient accessibility of your website. As an additional service, I offer verification measures that help protect your domain from unwanted access. In addition, it is also possible to set up and configure email accounts and other services according to your needs and requirements.

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Support for your software

I offer comprehensive support of your software as an optional service. I ensure that your applications are always up to date by carrying out regular updates and maintenance. This also includes the continuous maintenance and optimization of the software to ensure sustainable and trouble-free performance. This service is designed to save you time and ensure the smooth operation of your software.

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