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Web analytics

I offer comprehensive web analysis to fully utilize the SEO potential of your current site. By thoroughly examining all SEO-related aspects of your website, including technical and local SEO criteria, I identify areas that could be improved and make specific suggestions for optimization. I also analyze the keyword usage on your site to ensure they are ranked effectively to maximize visibility. This is an offer to improve your website and strengthen your brand's online presence according to your individual needs and goals.

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Tecnical and Lokale SEO

I offer a specialized service in the area of technical and local SEO. During technical SEO, I optimize the structure of your website to ensure smooth crawlability and indexing by search engines. For local SEO, I focus on improving your store's online visibility in local search results, which is especially important for attracting local customers. This offering is available to address the specific needs of your website or business and is fully customizable to your individual goals.

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Social Media Integration

Social media integration plays a crucial role in increasing your website's online presence and visibility. By effectively using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we not only promote the distribution of your content, but also create valuable backlinks that support your website's SEO. I work to seamlessly connect your website content with your social media profiles to ensure a consistent and diverse online presence. I focus on ensuring the content shared is relevant and engaging to encourage interaction with your audience and maximize the reach of your posts. By integrating social media, your website becomes a dynamic and connected part of your overall online strategy, actively contributing to increasing your online authority and customer loyalty.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for effective SEO. I focus on identifying the specific search terms and phrases used by potential customers. Through meticulous analysis, I ensure that your website content is precisely tailored to the requests and needs of your target group. This not only optimizes your page's visibility in search results, but also promotes the relevance and accessibility of your content. By strategically placing selected keywords, your website becomes more effective in communicating with search engines and visitors, which forms the basis for your online success.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the key to maintaining and increasing your website's online presence. SEO is a dynamic field and best practices are constantly changing. As a dedicated software developer, my goal is to constantly update and improve your website to keep up with these changes. Through regular reviews and adjustments to the latest SEO strategies and techniques, we ensure that your website is always optimized and delivers the best possible results. This means not only updating keywords and content, but also improving technical aspects and adapting to new algorithms and trends. This continuous improvement makes your website resilient to changes and always remains relevant and attractive for your target group.

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