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App Development

Tailor-made apps with a focus on efficiency, usability and security.

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Mobile App Development

I offer comprehensive mobile app development that works efficiently on both iOS and Android using Flutter as a technological base. This allows for the creation of a consistent and responsive UI/UX that is both functionally and visually appealing. Each app is developed with a responsive design that ensures the application works optimally on different devices and screen sizes. Development is cross-platform oriented to ensure wide compatibility and usability. I also integrate various features such as push notifications, camera functions and other specific requirements to make the app functional and user-friendly. These services are flexible and customized based on the specific needs and requirements of your project.

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Desktop App Development

Using Electron JS, I create desktop applications that run seamlessly and efficiently on MacOS, Windows and Linux. These applications are developed with multilanguage support to appeal to a wide user base and maximize global reach. Authentication features are carefully integrated to ensure the security of user data and create a safe usage environment. I also integrate cloud messaging and other advanced features to improve connectivity and interaction within the application.

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Integration into infrastructure

I offer solutions that enable seamless connection to various systems to ensure the smooth exchange of data and information. No matter whether it is about integration into existing databases, learn more, or connection to modern cloud systems, learn more, my services are aimed at integrating your applications efficiently and reliably into any to integrate the desired infrastructure. This integration not only increases operational efficiency, but also increases the flexibility and scalability of your projects.

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Publishing your mobile application is a crucial step that I handle carefully and professionally. I support you in publishing your app on the App Store and Play Store by managing the entire setup process, including verification and other necessary steps. I also take care of the versioning of your application to ensure that your users always receive the latest and improved version of your app. You can rest assured that your app will be published smoothly and successfully and that it will adhere to the guidelines and standards of each platform.

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User Analysis

User analytics is a critical process that helps deepen understanding of your mobile application users and make informed decisions. I use advanced tools like GA4 and Firebase to gain detailed insights into user behavior and continually optimize the user experience. By using A/B testing and other analytical strategies, it is possible to evaluate various elements of the app and make improvements based on real user data. You can rest assured that the analytics provided will be accurate and insightful and will help set your mobile app up for success.

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Support for your app

Supporting your app after publication is a key aspect that I give top priority to. I provide comprehensive maintenance services, including regular security updates and bug fixes to ensure the optimal performance and security of your application. In addition, I take care of the maintenance in the App Store and Play Store to ensure the continuous availability and up-to-dateness of your app. Contact me to learn more about how I can ensure the longevity and quality of your mobile application.

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